Everything You Need To Know About SEO

How to make the number one on the Google results page?


The need for a targeted and effective audit of the three general aspects of the process is:

1. Technical SEO

2. On Page SEO

3. Off Page SEO

We will continue to monopolize the steps in each, in general, and with a detailed explanation.

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Why does SEO have an extraordinary effect on sales?

Seo SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which generally means site optimization for search engines. As a topic, we can say that SEO, practice, and repeat the steps to improve and improve a website to increase the number of visitors coming from search engines.  Sometimes SEO is simply used to make sure that your site has a good structure in terms of search engines. But, in fact, Google is paying more attention to websites that optimize their site for the user. That is, if users feel better on their site and spend more time, they will be considered a positive one.

Why do I write a comprehensive article about SEO?

SEO is not just about search engines. SEO is also for the benefit of your site for visitors. This tutorial is designed to describe all aspects of SEO. This article discusses the discovery and explanation of terms and terms (keywords) that generate website traffic (hits), as well as creating a suitable and applicable search engine for the site and creating unique and valuable links and marketing. I will explain.

Do not worry, if you are confused about this, you are not alone.

Why does my website need SEO? (10 reasons)

A huge portion of traffic on the Internet is carried out by reputable search engines. Most reputable search engines include Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Although different social networks and other traffic information models can also create visitors to your site, search engines are the main method of directing users more on the Internet. Whether your site provides content, service, product and information, or anything else, this issue has been fully proven.

  1. Outstrip competitors.
  2. Being at the top of Google results.
  3. Drive targeted customers to your site.
  4. Multiply your sales.
  5. The cost of SEO is much lower than Internet advertising.
  6. SEO fees are lower than Google ads.
  7. Traffic on the site goes up.
  8. Alexa comes down.
  9. Branding is done.
  10. Your site members are very upbeat.

Search engines are unique in targeting what people are looking for in your suggestions. In fact, search engines are the communication paths that make this happen. If your site is not found by search engines or the content of your site is not in their databases, that means you have lost the amazing opportunities to engage in search engines that are available on other websites. Searches are the same words that users type in the search form. Experience has shown that traffic to search engines can lead to an organized success or vice versa. The goals of a website can be to advertise, generate revenue or display products that are not similar to any other marketing network.

Investing in SEO, both temporally and materially, is able to rank at an exceptional level compared to other types of marketers and prosperous businesses.

Why do not search engines find my site without SEO?

Search engines are intelligent, but they still require development in spite of much progress. Search engines are constantly working to improve technology to further explore the web and provide better feedback from users. However, there are limitations to how search engines function. While the correct SEVO can lead thousands of hits and attention to you, wrong moves can deeply distract your site from search results or place your site where it’s least visible. Burial

In addition to placing content in search engines, SEO also contributes to the advancement of rankings, so that content is placed in the area most searched for. The Internet is becoming more and more competitive, and companies that do SEO will have a clear advantage in terms of visitor and consumer.

Can I use SEO for my personal affairs?

The world of SEO is complex, but most people can easily understand its fundamental principles. Even a small fraction of knowledge and knowledge in this area can lead to huge differences. As a major part, SEO training is free and available on the web, along with tutorials and guides similar to the same article. Combine these tutorials with a constant amount of practice to step in to become a skilled person. Given the time commitment, the desire to learn and the complexity of your website, you may have thought that you need an expert to do different things for you. Types of SEO exercises can be different. Some require a very special focus, while others have more time and more general methods. Optimizing a website for search engines can require searching among many of the monopoly elements. Many SEO professionals focus on SEO and Web strategies. In this case, it is better to have a solid insight into the main hypotheses.

If you want to have a good sale, you should ask your site:

Today, with the advancement of science and internet shopping, SEO is the best and most effective option for profit and sales. When your site is SEO, it’s well-known for search engines and is at the highest level in Google search. Be sure to make sure you’ve done the right job and are the best in the area you are working with. At that time, your only concern is to provide timely delivery of products or services to your users. For example, if you have launched a website that sells perfume and you do not sell well through your site, SEO is the best option for you.

No matter how much you care about the appearance and content of your site, the more you spend until the site is visible to your users, it’s not worth it. It’s very important that your site is optimized for a person.


What is the difference between SEO and Internet advertising?

Given the advancement that Google’s search engine has had on the Internet, you’ll definitely need to see Google’s results in order to earn revenue through the Internet, there will be several options for viewing on Google’s pages without optimizing your website and SEO, which will be compared to SEO. We will advertise online: Internet advertising includes advertising banners, pop-ups, and clicks advertising on a variety of websites.

Here are some of the main differences between site SEO and internet advertising:

  • The cost of SEO is much more cost effective than the very cost of advertising.
  • Through SEO, you easily brand and grow in terms of reputation, but not in Internet advertising.
  • In online advertising, your ads will be displayed to the general public, but after the SEO, your advertisement site will be displayed exclusively to users who are looking for you.
  • The Alexa site is down significantly after SEO, and this will be a source of trust for users on your site.
  • Once the traffic is done, the site goes up and down and you can sell well.
  • The members of your website after the SEO goes up this way if you have done your own SEO on completely targeted words.

What is the difference between Google’s SEO and advertising?

The SEO affects Google’s organic results, but Google ads give you paid or paid results. With this kind of ads, you can find the first page and pay no money for your ad. You will not pay for Google, but for every single click that a user does on your link. For SEO, you need to optimize your website and get close to Google’s standards, then you can stay in Google’s normal results and stay at that place for no cost.

What is SEO service for a website?

The requirements for optimizing a website include:

Good content production, technical cues, social signals, and social networking updates, external and internal linking links 

What is free SEO and can it really be a free SEO?

Optimization and SEO is a website featuring a set of technical SEO knowledge, content creation, social networking updates, and the creation of social signals, choosing the right hosting, and more. Internal and external linkages and the popularity of a site on the Internet are not very easy and you need a lot of knowledge and effort to get this position. But doing and learning all these things is not very difficult, and you can definitely start your own with SEO tutorials.

How is a web site’s SEO or a keyword estimated?

Due to the volume of optimization and SEO, the need for a site is relative to the level of competition and toughness of the words of that website. Simply put, with competitors and activity on that keyword, we can hardly find out by using a few simple tools to measure and search for a word, and according to the figures obtained, the cost and time are appropriate. Announce

What is the difference between SEO and SEM? 

Seo is part of the SEM: SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which means marketing through search engines, including site optimization on social networks, site optimization on Google, marketing and advertising on Google, optimization of meta-data parameters And site titles, optimizing site structure, analyzing and reviewing site statistics, and more.

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For example, to help you find out how much SEO can be useful to you, it’s enough to use Google Adwords ads to help you see clear feedback and real results.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords includes your ads on Google. The service provided by Google allows you to see your site viewed by all users searching for your business.

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This is the best way to measure how much you can afford to sell at a higher price. It might be a question to you that the service will also impact on SEO. Use of this service will be important for site owners. 

How would you behave if you were a Google?

If you were a Google user and had only 10 options in the results that you could keep your user happy with, what would you do? 
Did you choose a site that has a better SEO? Or is it a site that is better for users and that the user really needs it?

The answer to this question is very simple. Google chooses a site that the user needs to be able to obtain satisfaction. To do this and select the best site from among others to display on the first page of the results, the rules are taken from the Google side. If you are hoping to get to the first page, you must comply with these rules. As you get closer to the first page of the results, the tougher competition will be stronger.

Google tries to not be deceived and constantly monitors your site from every single point of view

 Is Branding Important in SEO?

Branding in SEO is not only important, but it’s easy to say branding is done with SEO only. The webmaster has achieved the same level of SEO through branding. So, of course, this issue will be of great importance to the site itself.

After the SEO, what people come to my website?

Your customers are targeted: For example, a person who searches for Google’s online business and logs into the site will be 90% customer of this site. It should be noted that only site SEO will attract customers and make effective traffic if you have attractive content and choose the right keywords, you can increase that percentage further. The high costs you pay for advertising and seeing your site are greatly reduced. You can increase the volume of your customers so much by making these traffic on your site that you decide which customer to sell…

Common idioms in SEO:


(search engine optimization) Site optimization for search engines is a site SEO site. 


(Human Experience Optimization) The site optimization is meant for the user, meaning the appearance of your site is suitable for the user and not confused. In 2017, a semantic SEO occurs, meaning Google talks about semantic SEO and seeks to make sense, Google trains its robots to understand the concept from the perspective of a user, that is if your site is optimal for a user. Google is also optimized. If you have a beautiful look and feel on your site, as well as a great value for HEO, it will make the user feel better on your site and stay longer on the site. It’s very important that your site is optimized for a person.


(Social Media Optimization) site optimization through SMO social networking sites. This means that you create your own social networks, use proper relationships and signals, and try to become famous. When we say that it is very important in the site of Social Marketing, it’s the same socialist signal. 



(Social Signal):

It’s called social networking signals, which means Google is checking out, for example, a Facebook-based social networking site that has several tokens and comments, and received multiple responses, not just a few. This is a brief subsist of the signal that can be run manually.


(Search Engine Marketing) is a search engine marketing platform that can be used to better understand SEO and Google AdWords ads are part of the SEM. 

  • Site Optimization on Social Networks 
  • Site Optimization on Google
  • Website optimization in advertising and marketing through Google Adwords



(Social Media Marketing) is marketing and marketing on social networks, all of the activities that you do on your social network, which makes it more visible and attractive to the user, is SSM. Advertising such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 


(Pay Per Click) is a pay per click PPC, in fact, is a type of advertising that does not pay based on the duration of the ad, and the time interval when your ad is there can be unlimited. You pay for each click the user makes on your ad. The Iranian sample is the clickable ads and sabvian ads that you pay for each click, and the strongest Adwords advertising campaign that works for Google.


(Search Engine Result Page) The page that you see as a search result on Google. In general m

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(User Interface) is the appearance of the site the user is associated with. Preferably a beautiful and understandable appearance so that the user can easily access all parts of the site where the user is associated with it. 


(User Experience) refers to the experience the user gets on your website, UX. If we want to give a clearer example to clarify this, we can list the DigiTrade site. The good sense that you have on the DJ site and you can easily buy is a clear example of this user experience.

Landing Page :

A landing page is a page that we prepare and design so that after entering the site, the user arrives at that page or our landing page. If you want to create a site for SEO, we will create a landing page for each word. Landing pages are also used for ads, for example, you sometimes need to create a landing page and activate that Google ad.

Keyword :

The words chosen by the website on those particular words are chosen. For example, you can say that the words you like when you search your site will appear on the results page. It should be noted that these words can be useful if they are selected by analysis and appropriate to your area of activity.

On Page SEO :

A total of operations that are performed on site and site sites such as content creation, link building, various activities on the site.

Off Page SEO :

The sum of the operations that are performed on site outside of the site, such as linking bonding and social security signals.

Heading Tag : 

Tag titles are. From h1 to h6, they are referred to as a head tag. First, the h1 tag is important, and then the second tagging tag that Google’s robots read is the h2 tag, and so on to h6. Heading tags increase the readability of the pages. It’s worth mentioning that users like Google robots first read the hedging tags and if they have interesting titles, they will read the article further and this will have a great impact on the site’s good UX.

Responsive Design:

There are sites that are balanced on mobile or tablet PCs and do not change their appearance. You can not zoom in to a rustic site and you will not have any clutter in the images. This item is important in SEO.



The links you provide to your website will help you become more popular on Google. You can create this link on different sites and blogs and forums.


When Google does not comply with Google’s laws, and Google recognizes Google as spam, your website will completely drop a specific word from 10 pages or even the entire site’s results, which will follow Google’s side. Penalties are said.

In 2017, this law is added, which only leaves a single word on the first 10 pages, but may remain on other words in your place. The penalty means Google takes your website out of a results page on a particular word. In the past years, if you were penalized, the whole word and site would be out of the results, but in 2017 this law would be removed and only applied to a specific word.

Referring Domain:

The number of domains that link to your site, to better understand the subject, look at this example: Once you have placed the link on all pages of a website, you have only created a Referring Domain. 


(Out Bound Link) refers to the volume and number of site outbound links that can be customized to suit the site’s age and content.

Internal Link :

Internal links to the site. Includes internal site links. For example, from an article written about site optimization, link to the page you want to go to that SEO and do your linking according to the same procedure.

External Link :

External site links are links that are given to your site from outside of your website.

Anchor Text:

The link header says that the most important part is the link given to your website. The same part of the text that we link to the target page, and we say to the Google robots that the word is related to the target page. In internal and external linking, we set the Anchor Text. What is the destination page? This field is active and the same issue, if done correctly, will increase the rank of the page’s destination.



Meta Tag:

Meta tags are called. For example, the keywords that you place each meta tag on, meta tags, tagging tags, h1 to h6 tags used in the content.


The amount of access and search in the Internet world is that you can see the exact statistics in Webmaster Tools. For example, when you want to know how many keywords you have and monthly searches, check the Impression for that keyword.


This means the number of requests that occur on a page. To fully understand this, note this example: A page with a headline, a picture, and a text has 3 heats.


A visitor to a site. Let’s take a look at the following example: When a person arrives at a website with a specific IP and visits multiple times from your site, it’s just a visitor, and it’s easily recognizable…


Visits to any page and visitors do not split with an IP. For example, if someone logged in with an IP twice, the page hits twice.

Link Building:

Website hyperlink operations are referred to. Which is done in both natural and artificial forms. In other words, we can say that in the way of making a link, linking is called linking.

Content Marketing :

It is referred to as content marketing, meaning you can upgrade your site through good and useful stuff. Know your site updates as part of the routine, and consistently do that at certain times.


Sites that provide information and education reference, the most important of which is Wikipedia. There are two kinds of websites: 

1.Wiki sites that create their own people. 
2. Websites that have admins and admins create them.


Sites that are only updated by people. In external linking, it’s important to use these sites in ways like the community and directories.

For Example:

  • YouTube
  • Wikipedia
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • WordPress
  • Craigslist
  • Tumblr


A side-by-side markup language (Client) is a low-level programming language.


(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is the same as the one we open on that site. In order to send and receive information in general, it can be said transfer of information between the server and the client.


It’s the same HTTP but it’s in a Secure mode that Google has officially announced that it will help optimize your site. It should be noted that using it lowers the speed of the site.


(File Transfer Protocol) is used to upload files to the server side and has no connection with the SEO. There are various software tools to do this, such as FileZilla.

Server Side:

The server-side operation is called the server side, for example, the information and files section. Save and make any changes to the server side and within the site’s code.

Client Side:

For a client-side operation, the client side says, for example, your computer. 

JavaScript :

A scripting language, this language has been supported by all browsers and operating systems and is more for client-side programming. That language is very strong. It should be noted that the JavaScript language with Java language has nothing to do.


The communication technology between the client and the server is without refreshing the page. For example: on some sites, we use Ajax when we want to see changes on the page without reloading.


Cascade Style Sheet stands for codes that make up the appearance of the site. A language is for defining documents with HTML language. It tells HTML how to behave and CSS can also make our site User-Friendly. All CSS files are loaded in a separate section on your site. CSS Codes allow you to design your own site template. All CSS-related CSRs can be customized and can be modified in the same way.


Tittle says titles are the most important part of the article. In the title of a story, we should definitely use the keyword that we want to use on our site, and certainly, our keyword in the title of the article will have a very high impact on the site.

Text To HTML Ratio:

The ratio is text to code. For example, if we have two paragraphs in a single page, we must actually have two tags p in the code field. If there is a high volume of code, the site will be in trouble.

Meta Description:

A meta tag that the user does not see but Google sees and the website also has a significant impact. For a better understanding, Google’s search results (SERP), an explanation that is displayed below the address of the site is Meta Description.

Meta Keyword:

Meta-Key Words are the same keywords, meta keywords that each page specifies the keywords associated with that page, tags, meta tags, meta-colons are all the same.

Keyword density: 

The keyword density is the ratio of the use of a keyword in a text and does not have a certain amount.

Keyword Staffing:

There is no definite amount, but if it is more than the standard that is defined in Google’s algorithms, then Keyword Staffing is created. For a better understanding, one can say that repeating a word is continuously synonymous in a keyword called staffing. 

Over Optimization:

The over-optimization of a site or a certain word is called  Over Optimization. For a better understanding of the two cases that Google may identify as over-optimization:

  • If you have a lot of  Keyword Staffing and repeat a large number of words on a specific page, tell Google that this page is for this SEO word.
  • Generate hyperlink for a specific word in an artificial form 

Crowler Robot Spider:

Google robots are browsing your website according to your habits in updating the site. This means that if you update your site on a daily basis, these robots visit your site on a daily basis and read your content, or if your site is updated monthly, these robots will visit your site monthly. 

Follow Link :

It’s called links to search engines, Google’s Google crawlers.

NoFollow Link :

NoFollow’s links do not have the ability to follow and be seen by Google’s robots.

Site Wide Link:

Links that are repeated on all pages of the site. For example, headers, photos, and load sites may not have a particular impact on a website.

Page Authorship: 

The validity of a page is based on the page on the page and the links given to that page, as well as the volume of activity on social networks and … that in general, we can say that the moz.com site has more than 200 criteria For Page Authorship and Domain Authorship.

Page Rank :

Rank or a rating that Google attributed to sites and site pages last year, which has been stopped for one year now.

Domain Authenticity:

The total amount of credits is for each website.

Site Map:

An XML file that is a way of communicating between you and Google. In fact, the content that you have on your site displays as an XML file to Google.


This means that Google has a different image from your site with the image that the user sees from your site. Doing this is a black SEO, and Google’s algorithms will stop it.


Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console is a Google console for webmasters. In this console, you can connect with Google and use high-quality, high-quality services. For example, let’s take a few examples:

  • Register your site
  • Errors from a site that Google has seen
  • If your site is hacked, it will notify you in this way
  • Remove and add links
  • Check the status of your mobile version of your website
  • Improved readability by Google’s data robots
  • View the index status of all pages 
  • Speed up the index of each page
  • Google map registration

Google Analytics:

Google’s counter or statistics tool attached to Webmaster Towers. For a better understanding of the statistics, this tool provides several examples of statistics:

  • The number of your site visitors from the beginning of the activity.
  • The number of daily visitors to your website.
  • The amount of User Online on the site.
  • What pages have been visited by users?
  • The users who entered are more on what pages.
  • The users who have logged in are sorted by the earlier pages.
  • Detailed statistics on where users are logged into your site.


A scripting language supported by all browsers and operating systems. More used for programming.


Site Speed:

The speed of the site is a very important point in SEO, especially in 2018, the emphasis has been put on this point; in general, a website that is always available from a user’s and a Google perspective will gain a higher rating.

How is SEO in 2019?

The user experience became very important in 2018 and will be even more important in 2019.

In fact, Google has stated that RankBrain is the third most important factor in the ranking. RankBrain is a machine that helps Google categorize search results. RankBrain examines how the user interacts with search results and therefore classifies it. For example, you see in SERP the fourth link is an attractive title, and you click on it quickly and when you enter the link you will encounter a great content and spend a lot of time wasting a word! As a result, Google upgrades the link’s position. Instead, you enter the first link without thinking and encounter a bad content and leave the page fast. As a result, Google lowers the link’s position. 
So if the number of users who leave the page fast is high, Google will lower the page’s position.

Therefore, RankBrain cares about two things: 
1. Dwell Time 
2. CTR

The importance of Dwell Time for RankBrain is very high because it indicates that the user is content friendly. If the number of users who stay for a long time on the page is high, Google will upgrade the page’s position.  A review shows that the average Dwell Time for the top 10 Google results is 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

Sometimes RankBrain gives a page more than its worth, and if its conversion rate is higher than the average conversion rate, Google will find that the position of this page in the results should be fixed.

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 You must become a Jedi CTR!

Not just because of RankBrain … 
but because Google displays organic search results after the response boxes, Google Earth and …! 
A study has shown that since 2015, CTRs have dropped more than 40 percent in organic sales.

So your page should give “Click Me!” Otherwise, it will not pay attention!


Check your content in the featured snippet.

According to SEMrush statistics, currently, 11.3% of search results have featured snippet. These are much more likely to be clicked on Google’s first line of code, and they are somehow the first sign!

To achieve this, it is necessary that

1- Find the keywords you have searched for first. 
99.58% of the snippet is for pages with the keyword on the front page. So if you are not currently in the top ten, you have not gotten much of a snippet.

2- Then know the keywords that have snippet. 
See the Organic Keywords website at ahref to find out.

3. Now you have to create a snippet bait of 40 to 60 words. 
The SEMrush site has detected 7 million snippet analyzes, most of them 40 to 60 words.

For this, I wrote snippet bait for all my content on YouTube. 
The HubSpot site has created a box like a snippet bait.

4. The most common snippet bait format is the paragraph. 
But not the only format. 
▪If you want to be in List Snippets, use H2 and H3 for each section of the post. 
▪If you want to create a table in Table Snippets.
 In the past, Google’s focus was on how many times the keyword was repeated in the text. In fact, the focus was 100 percent on content. 
Google Spider checks the title tag, alt photo, URL, H1 and tag description. Of course, Google is checking these things now, but it’s smarter than before! So instead of focusing solely on content, Google also cares about context! In fact, Google is looking to show the best content to the user, and the best content is not necessarily a text that the keyword has repeatedly been repeated. A deep content is a content that gives the user everything he needs.

 How to write deep content?

1. Your content has at least 2000 words. 
In such a way as to provide all the content required by the user.

2. Generate Omnibox Content. 
The content of the Evergreen are shared on social networks and are the bachelor.

3. Use LSI Keyword. 
When Google sees these words in your text, it realizes that you’ve covered the subject well.

A few months ago millions of people received the Mobile-first indexing enabled message. That means the mobile version becomes a real version. Today, 60% of website users visit mobile pages and searches on mobile are rising.

Three steps to optimize for the mobile index:

mobile index - TheBlog.cc

1. Make your content suitable for desktop and mobile. 
Some of the content is hidden in the mobile version, and since Google knows the mobile version as a full version, that content remains hidden from the eyes of Google. 
Your mobile content version should be in such a way that the user sees the content in the same quality as it sees on the desktop.

2- Google recommends that the mobile version is bundled with.

3- Be careful that if the user does not feel comfortable in the mobile version, he will click the back button and exit the page. 
So check with our Mobile Toolkit:


Even recommendations for improving your site in the mobile version are presented here. You can also check this item in the mobile usability section of Webmaster Tools.


Online video is awesome!

According to Cisco, by 2021, 80% of the video traffic will take place! Although there are many videos now, HubSpot has said that 43% of people want to see more videos! In short, if you do not have video content, you’ve lost the opportunity!

The benefits of video SEO in 2019:

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. According to the Huffington Post, users’ browsing time on YouTube this year grew 60% from last year. In fact, people on YouTube as well as Google! So, if you want to get more traffic in 2019, do not overlook the making of content on YouTube. Most sites are lazy in making a video, so it’s easy to see your video!

Having a video on YouTube does not only direct users to your website but also 55% of Google’s video content, most of which are YouTube-related! Given the fact that Google is the owner of YouTube, in 2019 more videos will be displayed in the search results! 
And even more Video Featured Snippets will be displayed! If users are more interested in seeing the video, why not give them that? 
Having Dwell Time video on the site and I recommend that you use video content in your pages.

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