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Mom has always loved you more!” Have you spoken this sentence over and over again? Do you feel that your parent loves one of your sisters or your brothers in another way, and even now that you’re upset you feel sad? Needless to say, discrimination between children can have a devastating effect on family relationships and will create a jealous rivalry for a sister-in-law. This article will introduce you to 6 helpful strategies to combat discrimination between children.

If you feel that your parent is paying more attention to your sister or brother, it’s interesting to know that many others like you have such a comment about their family. Cornell University researchers have done a great job in this field. They interviewed 275 mothers aged 60 to 70 who had at least two children and asked questions from 671 of their children.

70 percent of the mothers referred to the child who was more intimate with him. Of these, only 15% of the children of these people claimed that they felt that their mother had equalities between them and their siblings or other brothers. When parents have a particular interest in one of their children, studies have shown that both children will be mentally harmed. On the one hand like a child who Dashthshdh feel less anger and more like a child Azantrf Dashthshdh parents’ expectations for a high level of stress is.

Many who are not single, feel the shadow of discrimination between children in their lives. Even so often other members of the family do not recognize or accept such discrimination. Feeling less comfortable is not a good feeling, but human nature is in a way that some people have pulled more apart for different reasons. One of these reasons is geographical proximity. For example, a child who lives close to her parents will definitely spend more time with them and feel more proximity to them.

Studies have shown that parenting is more likely to be discouraged than a child who is not married, has lower education or has less common values with her. Of course, such an attitude can be due to our own nature, but when it comes to our parents, it is more painful because we expect our parents and their supporters to be unreliable, and maybe even because our parent is a little beyond a human being. We find it normal (a view that can remain in our childhood), this makes us more pain.

In short, the discrimination between children can, for whatever reason, strain the family atmosphere. Are your parent more closely connected with your sister’s children? Do you enjoy the success of your brother? Do you pay more attention to your sister? Do you always take your brother in quarrels? Do you feel that you are being discriminated against and competing with your sister or brother to win the love and support of your family? Is this devastating stress and seizure damaged? We have come up with some tips for you so that you can deal with this as an adult.

1. Do not take the case to yourself

Perhaps the behavior of your parents does not mean that they are more likely to love your sibling or prefer your brother, but only because they are more likely to feel closer to your other siblings for any reason. They may not be aware of this at all. Usually, in such cases, their intention is not to distract your feelings. But if they intentionally do this, it’s just because your character does not want you, so perhaps it’s better not to feel closer to you!

2. Find the support and support you need elsewhere in your life

In search of those who can with their support, love, accept and confirm that you do not receive from the family with a well-behaved behavior in your life. But remember, just trust the right people, because there’s no genuine support and support from anyone. Many of us live in families whose minds are not with us and believe in different values, but there are many people in the world who can compensate for the lack of family support. Again, we emphasize that you should be careful about the choice of such people and know that this support and support is not made by anyone.

3. Do not spoil your relationship with your sister or brother if you feel discriminated against between your children

Do not compete with your sister or brother and do not blame them for being your preferred parent. If you try to be lovely and acceptable, you should not blame them again. You can not be disturbed by the love and approval of the family. Instead, accept that your relationship with your parent is yours, and separate this from your relationship with your sister or brother.

4. Accept the present reality

If you accept that you can not get enough support and approval from your parents to your liking, you will probably be better off. When you’re looking for your parent you do not need to, you can feel more individual power in yourself. It’s not easy to get used to this crazy, but if you do, you’ll see how much you get better. First of all, see what the family has for you and then focus on things that come from other aspects of your life. By doing this, you’ll find that the family is just part of life and can not even be the most important part of life, even sometimes.

5. Give yourself time and energy for your family life

If you come to a family who has not given you enough love and emotional support, and you always felt the discrimination between your children, try to make up for all those shortcomings after your marriage and the formation of your new family. See what you have for your family and what you can do for yourself in your life. So, it’s easier to come to terms with the current situation and accept the specific behavior of your family.

6. Use help tips

The negative effects of discrimination between children and the competition of children can continue to adulthood. Especially if the person has a feeling of discomfort and stress, the situation will be worse, and here it is advisable to get help from the counselor. Family counselors can help you cope with the stress you are experiencing. You can also reduce Stress Volume by learning Stress Management Behaviors and more easily deal with this.

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